5 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Clients

Check out our list of unique ideas for entertaining your clients. At One Strange Bird, we host lots of parties and I am always looking for unique ways to say “thank you” to continue our relationship.  We host events for other businesses to woo their clients too!  Going the extra mile in the service industry gives you a leg up on your competition.  We love and value our customers and believe that giving back is important.  Check out our 5 easy tips below for some fun ideas for a variety of budgets. 


Send a handwritten thank you card

After you have worked with a client, send a sweet hand-written thank you note.  In the age of email, I can’t think of anything nicer then getting something handwritten in the mail.  We have a ton of quirky and sweet thank you cards at the store and I love to send them to clients after they have booked a big corporate event with us.  I think it makes our relationship stronger.  We are really truly grateful for each business relationship and transaction we have and this is a great way to express that gratitude.  (Shop our cards here)

Host an annual appreciation event

Want to really turn heads? Create an annual event that says thank you by entertaining a group of your best clients.  We have a customer appreciation party that treats our best customers to a free art class, passed appetizers, and yummy cocktails.  What is better than a free night out?  Bonus points if you can also use the event to showcase a new product or service.  If your customers love the event, they will start to look forward to it each year and (fingers crossed) tell their friends about you! (Learn about our events here)

Send an unexpected gift

Everyone loves to get an unexpected gift!  As a boutique owner, I have gotten so many nice gifts from our wholesale clients.  They have sent me gift cards, greeting card samples, and chocolates.  We also have people who shop at One Strange Bird to find unique items to thank their clients.  They always put adorable thank you baskets together.  The most creative one I have seen was a Chicago-themed gift basket.  It was a really unique way to say thank you!  Other ideas would be: send flowers, send over lunch for the whole office, send a gift certificate for a spa day, or send some nice, monogrammed stationary. The ideas are endless.  The more creative you get, the more noticed you will be.  

Do something fun

So many corporate events can become stuffy and boring!  Stand out from the competition by doing something unexpected. At One Strange Bird, we help people entertain their clients by offering a casual art party.  Their guests sip wine, eat yummy appetizers, and create an easy craft.  One of our favorite clients, National Office Furniture, treats their clients to a fun Valentine party hosted by us, where their interior design clients get to make a fun handmade Valentine. Other ideas are: take clients to a baseball game, go play whirly ball, go to a bar-cade and blow off some stress with video games, take a cooking class and then eat your work, or book a cupcake decorating class. 

Pamper them

Everyone loves to be pampered! When you are working in a high stress corporate environment, what could be more enticing than a day of relaxation and stress relief?  Book a massage therapist to do mini chair massages, have a nail expert on hand for mini mani-pedis, order up some cupcakes and champagne, and sit back and relax.