Top 10 Summer Art Activities for Kids

We LOVE the summer!  Check out our go to guide for outdoor art activities for kids! Being outside is the best excuse to get messy.  

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1. Squirt Gun Painting:  We love this fun idea that blends art with traditional summer toys! Fill up a cheap gun from the dollar store and shoot for perfection.  *Sorry, I can't resist a pun!  (How to Here)

2. Balloon Printing:  This is one of my favorites for all ages.  You can even do balloon printing with little toddlers and babies.  Big kids will love it too.  Blow up a bunch of balloons, roll out some cheap paper, and pounce the paint to create an abstract masterpiece.   (How to Here)

3. Squeezable Sidewalk Chalk:  How much fun! This is a fun play on a summer favorite and we are suckers for blending kitchen items with art :) (How to Here)

4. Bubble Painting:  Bubbles are the first sign of spring in Chicago.  Why not add a little color and make the ephemeral beauty into a artistic keepsake? (How to Here)

5. Glitter Tattoos: This fun alternative washes off easily and requires no artistic talent to apply!  Just grab a kit and head outdoors! This is a favorite activity at our Kids Summer Camp!

6. Tye-Dye: What summer would be complete without tye-dye???  This is a perfect way to transform your stained white tees into a dazzling array of color. Just grab a kit from your favorite craft store and dye up to 30 tees at a time. 

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 7. Sun Crayon Art: Combine the power of the sun with popular crayon art and what do you get?  A beautiful mess of colors fun for all ages. (How to Here)

8. Veggie Prints: This is one of our kid favorites at One Strange Bird.  We have done all kinds of veggie prints for festivals in Chicago.  Experiment with different fruits and veggies to create farmer approved artworks. (How to Here)

9. Bubble Snakes:  This is our newest Pinterest discovery and WOW it is fun and really cheap!     (How to Here)

10. Recycled Bird Feeders:  This one is a little nostalgic for me.  We made these in school growing up and I remember being engaged watching the birds eat from our window!  (How to Here)

Now grab some supplies, get outside, and get creative!