Rainbow Roll Tutorial!

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Using stamps to decorate cards is a creative and cost effective way to show someone you care. This tutorial will teach you how to utilize your stamp collection to create bright beautiful cards that leave their recipients wondering  how you created them. All you will need are a few art supplies and you are on your way to your own personalized stationary sets!

_JessicaEgan_8636To begin you will need a few materials: -A clean surface to work on -A brayer -A piece of plastic or glass (or you can use a piece of wax paper if you're in a pinch) -Paper to print on -Ink or acrylic paint -Stamps

_JessicaEgan_8644You can either use store bought stamps or carve your own out of linoleum (check out our popular block printing workshop if you are interested in learning how!)


The brayer is the key to this so make you have one (we sell them at One Strange Bird!) I used Speedball inks which are a reliable ink for all kinds of printmaking. One the perks of Speedball inks is that is it can be used to print on fabrics and then heat sealed so that the item can be worn and washed without loosing the image. Another perk of these inks that they come is a variety of lovely bright colors.

After you have all your materials, you can begin your rainbow roll!

Step 1: Squirt the colors of ink you want to use on your piece of glass or plexi glass. Try to have inks be in a line next to each other. Think about what different colors will look like once they blend (aka they will make a new color.) Blending primary colors (red, blue, yellow) is a good place to start.


Using a  piece of glass or plexi glass allows you to have a flat working surface that can easily be cleaned when you have completed your project.

Step 2: Use your brayer to roll over the ink so that they blend together. The more you blend the colors together you will see new colors forming giving a smooth gradation between your two original colors.


Step 3: Pick out a stamp and test out your ink. Check to make sure your ink is not too thick (mine was on my first couple tests.) It is also important, especially if you are using a hand made stamp, to make sure that all the surfaces on the stamp on showing on the print.


If you want to add another color, you can add that at any time by squirting out another color of ink and blending it with the other inks using the brayer.

Step 4: Print your cards!


If you want your stamp to be in the same spot on every card, you can make a template by measuring the direct center and then placing a stamp there. Then, for the next cards you print you will ink your stamp and then place it laying face up on your template card. After that you will line your next piece of paper up with the template and press down on the stamp and burnish the back.

If you don't need the stamp to be in the same place, stamp as you usually would!

Step 5: Step back and check out your work! You can go back in and embellish cards with other drawing, painting, or stamps once the first layer dries (usually about one hours.)

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All the materials shown can be purchased at One Strange Bird! If you are interested in learning more about cutting your own stamps, check out our block printing workshop on Friday, April 12th or our hand printed fabrics workshops on Sunday, April 7th or Thursday, April 18th. Send us your results, we would love to see what you made!

Enjoy! -Jess