July 4th Outfit

We're always on the look out for a good holiday-themed get up! Since July 4th is just around the corner, we put together a couple of our favorite looks. What will you wear?

We always love a good summer dress. Pair this adorable number from Brooklyn Industries with a bright blue statement necklace (One Strange Bird, $26) that draws attention to the unique neckline. Mix patterns successfully with a neutral-colored woven clutch (One Strange Bird, $42), perfect for any summer BBQ or patio party. Pair with sandals to dress down or heels to dress up!

Heading to the beach or somewhere low-key? Try a patterned crop-top and striped waders! Mixing patterns is all about matching colors and making sure they are different enough to stand out from each other. Try lightweight accessories, like these filagree earrings (One Strange Bird, $15), understated gem pendant necklace (One Strange Bird, $27), and sunglasses (One Strange Bird, $15). Match with a bright red fringe bag (One Strange Bird, $32) for a festive touch!

Happy celebrating!