How To Tuesday: Washi Tape Heart

I am a washi tape addict, so I am always looking for more excuses to buy it.  I fell in love (pun intended) with using it as a design and color element in my art and craft projects.  I love the simplicity and economy of this craft project.  All you need are a couple of items you probably already have on hand:


A surface (wood, canvas, paper),  a heart stencil or computer print out of an outline of a hear, washi tape, scissors, and Mod Podge

Step One Grab your washi tape (We sell some cute holiday themed tapes!)

Step Two trace around your heart stencil onto a piece of white paper OR print our your heart outline on your printer at home

Step Three TAPE!  Tape your design in a fun pattern making sure to extend the tape slightly beyond your outline

Step Four Cut your design out. 

Step Five Glue your design onto a surface (for mine, I used a wooden panel painted white)

YAY!  Check out our seasonal page to sign up and make art with us or buy the supplies in the shop to make yours at home. Not all Valentine's Crafts have to be pink and red.  Check out my heart of gold.  Nicole