DIY Craft Pumpkins


Chalk Painted Pumpkins

If you know One Strange Bird, you know we LOVE fall around here.  I personally love the cooler weather and the shifting of the season.  As we wave goodbye to the fun energy of the summer, we turn slightly inward during the cooler months at the end of the year.  My family and I just recently moved into our first single family home in Chicago's Portage Park and I have just loved all the extra space to decorate.  We are on a tight budget with baby now, so I oftentimes try to think of budget friendly DIY projects.  My favorite place to hunt for ideas is the Dollar Tree and there are no shortage of Dollar Stores in our neighborhood!  

My little baby, Emerson and I found some fun foam pumpkins and gold thumbtacks and got this cute idea.  I just painted the foam pumpkins with two coats of chalk paint and let them dry overnight.  The next day, I pushed the little thumbtacks in a fun pattern.  It was super easy and only three dollars!  You can't beat that. 

Gold Foil Pumpkins

We can't get enough of the gold trend!  To make these complementary white and gold pumpkins, I used gold leaf paper and Mod Podge.  It is super easy!  Just brush on the Mod Podge and apply the gold leaf.  I like to break the gold leaf off so it has a more rustic ascetic.  I used real white mini pumpkins we picked up at the pumpkin farm during my birthday celebration! 

To finish out our display, I used some of my highly coveted mild glass collection as containers for the pumpkins. The contrasting colors and heights add a fun variety to the display. Stay tuned for more halloween DIY ideas!

Happy Crafting,


Handmade Holiday Crafts!

Happy Handmade Holidays!  Here is one of many great Holiday Craft Projects we have created to spread holiday cheer.  We will be releasing craft tutorials throughout the whole month of December.  If you are in Chicago, check out our holiday class page and come visit us to craft in our inspirational studio.  These beautiful photographs were taken by the lovely Madeline Northway Photography. Here are some lovely holiday themed terrariums Nicole Northway created.  These are great center pieces for your table or wonderful on your fireplace mantle! These specific ones are for sale at One Strange Bird at 2124 W. Division Street in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

Christmas Terrarium

Here are the ingredients: Vintage holiday toys, bottle brush trees (new or vintage), white, blue, and natural colored sand, pebbles, glitter, Christmas themed floral picks, and glass containers.

I got all of my supplies from JoAnne fabric.  It is my favorite go-to place for inspiration.  To make the terrariums follow these easy steps below:

Christmas Terrariums

1. Choose your glass container.  You can find them really cheap at the Dollar Tree or at local Thrift Stores.

2. Begin with a layer of sand.  Shake your sand to one side of the other to create unique angled patterns.  After about an inch or two, change sand colors.  You can use just blue and white or more natural colors like the first picture.

3. Leave about 1-3 inches at the top of your container.  This will depend on how tall your "trees" are.

4. Start to sculpt your Winter Wonderland by placing your bottle brush trees under the top layer of sand.

5. Cut up your holiday floral elements and stick them into the sand to add some pops of color, add in your vintage figurines, and add any other little elements.

6. Sprinkle a little glitter to be your "snow" and you have your winter wonderland!

Stay tuned for next week's post: Terrarium Ornaments!