Marbled Gifts for Mom

Looking for something gorgeous and easy to do for Mother's Day that won't break the bank? Try marbling! We became obsessed with this process and were literally marbling whatever we could find. Try it yourself and see how easy it is!  


You will need: nail polish, bin of water, knife or stirring stick, mug or vase (or whatever you want to marble). We suggest doing this in a well-ventilated or outdoor area because of the polish fumes. 


Step 1: Fill your water bin halfway with water. Choose your colors, and drizzle the nail polish onto the top of the water.


Step 2: Use a palette knife, regular knife, or stirring stick to swirl the colors together. Dip your vase or mug into the water and polish, rotating it to cover the sides you want to marble. If you miss a spot, dip the object back in to pick up more of the polish. 


Step 3: Remove the excess nail color from the water bin with your knife. Scrape the leftovers on a rag or towel you will toss. Repeat steps 1-3 for each object that you marble.


Let your objects dry. Gift to mom for Mother's Day and make sure to make plenty to keep yourself! You'll be addicted, we promise. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Let us help you pick the perfect gift for your special someone! Here are our top pics for the ladies, men, and your lil' one this Valentine's Day. Can't make it into the store? Shop online here!


Valentine-for her.jpg

1. Asunder Orb Necklaces in Rose Quartz and Opalite, $45
2. Paddywax Relish Jar Candles, $10
3. Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest Adult Coloring books, $15.95
4. Royal Apothic Candles, $29; Royal Apothic Hand Cream, $24; Royal Apothic Small Perfume, $21
5. Love Must-Have Necklaces, $24-$28
6. Royal Apothic Lippie Set, $25; Royal Apothic Large Perfume, $60
7. Clutches, $31
8. Jewelry Sets, $40-$65
9. Beaded Stone Bracelets, $18-$24


1. Esquire Eat Like a Man Cookbook, $30
2. Old Factory Handmade Soaps, $8-$15
3. Wallet, $28; Cardholder, $20; Brass Money Clip, $32
4. Mandles, $15-$33
5. Sox or Cubs Art Panel, $45
6. Train Stop Art Panel, $45
7. Plenty Vegetarian Cookbook, $35; Mason Jar Garden Herb Kit, $27
8. Salty & Sweet Engraved Pocket Knife, $24; On Your Bike Fix it Kit, $23; Key Tools, $11


1. Jellyfish Bath Light, $11
2. Lip Gloss Rings, $2.50-$3
3. Sweets Clickable Pens, $2.95
4. Stud Earrings, $12
5. Color-In Books, $12.95; Beeswax Crayons, $14
6. Jacks, $8.50; Dominoes, $14; Harmonica, $10
7. Glow Star Stickers, $12.50; Celestial Projectors, $15
8. Bando Hair Accessories, $10
9. Party Animals Finger Crayons, $12.50



Don't forget the cards! 

Happy shopping!

Gift Guide: Hostess Gifts

It's officially that time of year - the holidays are here! Use our gift guides to make your holiday shopping easy this year. Today's gift guide features everything you might need for all of your holiday soirees, from your coworker's party to Grandma's house. You can even shop our online store (pssst...Cyber Monday 11/30 take 20% off everything online!). Happy shopping!


Handmade Baking Cookbook, $29.95 , Tea Towel, $9 in store

Handmade Baking Cookbook, $29.95, Tea Towel, $9 in store

Heart-shaped Quote Measuring Spoons, $49, Spice Stamps, $15 in store



Cocktails for the Holidays Book, $19.95 , Bang Candy Simple Syrup, $9.50 in store

Cocktails for the Holidays Book, $19.95, Bang Candy Simple Syrup, $9.50 in store


Cheese Knives Set, $17 , Vintage Cutting Board, $52 in store

Cheese Knives Set, $17, Vintage Cutting Board, $52 in store