DIY Handprinted Gift Wrap & Tags

If there is a way to make a personalized handprinted version of something, you can be bet that we've done it (totes, tea towels, scarves, and now gift wrap!). DIY handprinted gift wrap is a sure-fire way to wow the recipient and ensure an envy-worthy stack of presents underneath your tree. Plus it's super fun!

Step 1: Gather materials. You'll need a Speedball linoleum cutter, Speedball speedy-carve block, pencil, ink, paper, tags, ribbon, tape, scissors, brayer and flat surface for rolling ink (if you use printmaking ink, but you could also use plain stamping ink). 

Step 2: Draw your design on the block with pencil. Use the Speedball linoleum cutter to cut away the negative space. 

Step 3: Roll your ink out on the flat surface with a brayer. Ink your stamp applying even pressure. Apply stamp to paper, also using even pressure; it is helpful to press down with your entire palm on the back of the stamp. Repeat pattern to cover entire sheet of paper. Do the same with the tags, using one stamp to cover one side of each tag.


Holiday pineapples, why not? :)

Wrap your packages in your handmade paper and flourish with the tag and a pretty ribbon. 

Hand-stamp your own personalized gift tag at our Shop & Wrap event this Sunday, December 13 from 11am-3pm! Spend $15 or more and we'll gift wrap it for free. Enjoy shopping our unique selection of gifts for her, him, and stocking stuffers while you sip on mimosas and treats!