New Fall Art Classes

We love fall here at One Strange Bird (pumpkin and chai everything!), so we came up with a host of new classes to celebrate the season! Get in touch with your crafty side and sign up for one of our classes.  Discover a new skill and take home your amazing creations!

Knitting 101. Discover your talents at this addicting hobby. Start a simple 2-color scarf and learn all the basics, such as casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off. You won't want to put your yarn down! Once you learn the basics, you'll be all set to make gifts for friends and family for the holidays (or cozy creations for yourself!). Sign up here.

Mason Jar Candles. We are addicted to candles here at One Strange Bird. Personalize your own with different wax colors and scents, and take home your creations to decorate your space for all of those fabulous fall dinner parties you're planning. Sign up here.

Printed Tea Towels. Create your own stamp and block print your design to personalize a kitchen tea towel. Perfect for hostess gifts, too! Sign up here.

Day of the Dead Mask Making. Paint and decorate your own Dia de los Muertos mask with paint, glitter glue, sequins, and more! Wear it out to all of your Halloween and Day of the Dead events. Sign up here.

DIY Wine Glasses. Always seen perfectly decorated wine glasses on Pinterest, but don't have the space or materials available? Our teacher will show you how to make a set of 4 pin-perfect glasses, perfect for entertaining! Sign up here.

Woven Wall Hanging. Discover the latest craze sweeping the craft world and make your own textile art! Learn how to weave from one of our teaching artists and impress houseguests with your DIY savvy. Sign up here.

Artwork by  Amanda Smith , teaching artist

Artwork by Amanda Smith, teaching artist

Watercolor Painting. Ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor but didn't know how to get started? Learn the basics to create beautiful works of art from a painting pro. Sign up here.

Baby + Me Onesies. Expecting or have a newly arrived little one? Bring them in their carrier (or your belly!) and decorate 2 onesies in a baby friendly environment! Choose your fabric and use stencils to design adorable baby wear. Sign up here.
P.S. Planning a baby shower? We also do onesie decorating parties! Give us a call or visit our party page for more info.

See you for class!

- Amanda

Fall Recipe Favorites

It's that time again - Fall in Chicago! Our favorite time of year. The weather will be absolutely perfect for baking up a storm (once the temperature drops this weekend!). Here are 5 of our favorites to try this season!

1. Baked Apples. If you are a semi-regular baker, you will already have everything you need to whip out these beauties - they are super easy. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Core the center of the apple, leaving the bottom part to hold all the goodies. Put 1/2 tsp. of nutmeg and 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon in the cored apple. Next, add 1 tsp. of brown sugar, and 1 tablespoon of butter. Pop them in the oven for 45 minutes, and you have a gorgeous dessert! Add a little whipped cream on top for some flair. Bonus points if you go all in and pick your own apples to use, like we did! 

Apple orchards! We used tsugaru apples - any local apples you can find will work best!

Apple orchards! We used tsugaru apples - any local apples you can find will work best!

2. Crockpot Chili. Chili goes with every occasion once the cold fronts hit - it's the perfect comfort food (and vegetarians can easily customize it too!). Head on over to The Everygirl to see our favorite (easy!) recipe! You can either stick it in the crockpot and forget about it until dinner time, or whip it up on the stove top at the end of a long day.

Photo via  The Everygirl

Photo via The Everygirl

3. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies. Of course a fall recipe list is incomplete without cookies (and pumpkin cookies, to boot!). Check out Cooking Classy's Pumpkin Sugar Cookies with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting - they taste even more amazing than they look!

Photo via  Cooking Classy

Photo via Cooking Classy

4. Roasted Vegetables. Just because it's autumn doesn't mean you need to fall off the health wagon! Fall vegetables and squashes are delicious when oven-roasted, and give you your daily dose of veggies. Spoon Fork Bacon has an amazing recipe for roasting root vegetables that is sure to impress even the pickiest eaters!

Photo via  Spoon Fork Bacon

5. Mulled Apple Cider. One of our favorite things about fall is all of the yummy spices! Check out this crockpot apple cider recipe from No. 2 Pencil - a must at your next dinner party! This recipe is booze-free, so the kids can enjoy too!

Photo via  No. 2 Pencil

Photo via No. 2 Pencil

Share some of your favorite fall recipes with us in the comments! Enjoy!


Painted Pumpkins

These adorable painted and collaged pumpkins are a great alternative to traditional carved pumpkins.  Using simple craft materials, magic can happen! This is a great family friendly project that any age can enjoy. Scroll to the bottom of our post for helpful tips and a material list to make your own. fullshot5


Pictured: Cat Pumpkin, Bat Pumpkin, Glitter Pumpkins, and Washi Tape Pumpkins




Washi Tape Pumpkin

catCat Pumpkin<a


Bat Pumpkin





Stud Pumpkin, Glitter Pumpkin, and Washi Pumpkin

suppliesMaterials I used:

A2 acrylic Paints, paint brushes, map pins/straight pins, scrapbook paper, glitter, Mod Podge (glue), adhesive gems and pearls, pipe cleaners, stickers, washi tape, and paper punches.

We sell all the materials at 2124 W. Division St.!

To make a glitter pumpkin:

Using a brush, coat the pumpkin with Mod Podge (decoupage glue).  Shake the glitter liberally all over the pumpkin over a "Tidy Tray" (a special craft tray so you can reuse the glitter= genius!) Allow to dry thoroughly.  Repeat the steps for the stem in a contrasting color.  If you have it, you can use a clear spay coat to keep the glitter on or just take care in handling and moving your glitzy pumpkin.

To make a cat pumpkin:

Using a brush, paint an entire pie pumpkin black with high quality acrylic paint.  Allow to dry overnight.  Use the instructions above to glitter the stem.

Cut two triangles out of cute Halloween themed scrapbook paper.  Fold about 1/4 inch over to create a tab.  Trim the extra to match the triangle.  Attach on either side of the stem by pushing pins into the folded tab and into the pumpkin.  I used two on each ear.

Cut 2 white pipe cleaners into thirds.  Using a pencil, wrap the end around the pencil a bit to create a curled edge.  Push the non curly edge into the pumpkin where the cat's whiskers would be.  Repeat until you have 3 whiskers on each side of the cat's face.

Punch a cute shape (I used a flower) out of scrapbook paper for the cat's eyes.  Glue on with the Mod Podge.  (Don't use a pin or the cat will "cry" because of the pumpkin juice.)  I also added an adhesive gem (from any craft store) for the cat's pupils. Fancy!

Use a heart sticker for the cat's nose in between the whiskers.  I also added 3 dots of Mod Podge and added glitter to make freckles near the whiskers.

Optional: add a mouth made out of scrapbook paper by cutting a line and a smile shape.  You have a CATKIN!

To make a bat pumpkin:

Use the info above to paint your bat black and glitter the stem.  Cut out wing shapes from scrapbook paper.  (I used a Halloween themed paper.)  I cut one first and then flipped it over and traced it to make the wings symmetrical.  You can also use a template from the internet.  Create a tab by folding the inside part of the bat wing about a 1/4 inch.  Use a push pin to attach the wings to the bat.

Cut the eyes out of coordinating paper.  Use the Mod Podge to glue onto the pumpkin.  Add an adhesive gem for the pupil.  You can also add a smile and fangs with paper too!  I opted for a "serious" bat. Haha Have fun with it!

Other Tips:

*Use nice acrylic paints instead of cheaper craft paints.

*Paint your base color first and allow to dry overnight before adding the details.  The paint will peel off easily if the paint is still wet.

*Use pie pumpkins.  They have a very smooth surface for decorating.

*Use map pins or push pins to attach the paper parts.  (I used them for the ears and the bat wings by creating a fold over tab and pushing the pin in the tab.) Don't use them for the eye, the hole will make the pumpkin "cry " a little bit.

*Use paper punches to punch out cute shapes that can be used for eyes and more.  This is easier for small children and eliminates the need for sharp scissors.

*If you are making a washi tape pumpkin, apply the tape first.  Add Mod-podge over the stem and a bit of the rough tape edges on the stem.  Add glitter to hide the tape edges.

Enjoy crafting!

Check out our Birthday Party and make a mini pumpkin for free!

Sunday, October 19th from 10-2