How to Make a Dreamcatcher

I have always loved dreamcatchers and the story behind them ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in a town that had Native American influence and it fueled my imagination.   I am loving the wall hanging trend in the DIY world right now and wanted to try to add a little play on the tradition by combining two hoops.  I choose colors that matched our new rug I bought to decorate our new house we are moving into in a couple of weeks!  ( More on this later.) Check out the steps below to make your own our join us for a craft class in Chicago at One Strange Bird. 

handmade dreamcatcher

Materials Needed: Embroidery Hoop or Macramé Hoop, different colored yarn, scissors 

Step One: Tie your first color on the hoop and wrap it around until you have covered the hoop. (Optional:  feathers and beads) 

DIY Dreamcatcher

Step Two: Using a contrasting color of yarn, create the dreamcatcher weaving. Take the yarn from behind the hoop over the edge to the front.  Secure it by weaving it through the middle of the loop from the back.  Continue around the edge of hoop by repeating the steps. until you have 6-7 "stitches".  Create the woven pattern by looping your yarn around the middle of each outer "stitch" and pulling it tight. Keep going until the stitches get smaller and tighter in the middle.  Secure and "close" the web by double knotting the yarn in the middle.  Add a bead for a little pop. 

diy dreamcatcher

Step Three: Option: I added an optional outer loop by tying a larger loop onto the smaller inner loop.  I made a decorate pattern with yarn by looping it around both loops  

wall hanging

Step Four: To add the flourish to the bottom of your dreamcatcher, use a variety of different colors, textures, and lengths of yarn.  I pre-cut my yarn in a variety of lengths.  Attach by creating a loop in the middle of your yarn and then pull the tail of your yarn through the loop. Hang and enjoy!!