DIY Halloween Costumes

Feeling uninspired about your Halloween getup this year? We've compiled a few of our favorite DIY looks from over the years, from gross to glam. You might already have the all the supplies in your closet, or it may only require a quick trip to the craft or thrift store. Let's get spooky!


I think this might be one of my favorite looks I've ever done - probably because of the zombie makeup. I wore a red one-piece swimsuit, track pants, flip flops, windbreaker, and fanny pack, and carried around an inflatable shark - the one that ate me. (Side note: you would not believe how many shark-themed items Amazon thinks I should buy after purchasing the shark toy.) The key was caking on the eyeliner and setting the stitch marks with a translucent powder after applying. Blonde wig optional.


Owner of Olden to Golden style blog and thrift store/DIY queen Sarah whipped up a completely inspired group costume a few years ago that I just had to feature. Besides the fact that her boyfriend also dressed up as a gingerbread man (that's true commitment to the theme), each girl made their own costume! The candy dot dress was made by breaking large plastic Easter eggs in half and using super glue to attach them to the dress, and then used actual candy dots as an embellishment. Throw on a bright wig, and you're good to go!


For a disco-themed costume party, we wore a gold strapless jumpsuit and gold vest, courtesy of Lost Girls Vintage. They were perfect! I also wore platform wedges with gold sequin embellishments, gigantic hoop earrings, and a friend's wig. Extra points for the boys if you have bell bottoms lying around!



Another all-time favorite of mine, mostly because of the wild hair. I tied shimmery green ribbon and clipped glittered green butterflies in my hair, as well as on the top. I wore a green skirt, knee high stockings, green vintage boots (although any green or metallic shoe would work), and then bought green tulle from Joann fabric and wrapped it around my torso several times. The green eyeliner and shadow are a must! Prepare to look magical all night!


If you're looking for minimal to no effort here (party number 1 of 2, perhaps?), you can't go wrong with Rosie the Riveter. Find a blue button up and roll up the sleeves, slap on some winged eyeliner and a red lip, and pair with a tied head scarf. You're ready to show them who's boss!

Get crackin' on those costumes! Have pics of your favorites? Share them in the comments!

Happy haunting!