Adult Coloring Books!

Detailed Coloring Books! 

Detailed Coloring Books! 

Hi Everyone!  I am excited to share my favorite adult coloring books and adult coloring supplies! We love this trend that is creative and relaxing.  I first found out about Johanna Basford's amazing book Secret Garden in this New York Time's article about coloring in Spring.  Adult Coloring Books have been popping up everywhere and we are so excited to carry some of our favorites. 

Some of the benefits of coloring include:

Relaxation, stress relief, boosting creativity, and development of fine motor skills.  

Grab a book, some colors, and get to it! 

Adult Coloring Books

This is one of my favorites!  Each page is designed by a different contemporary artist, so every page is a surprise.

This one is really fun because it is made of abstract designs so you can REALLY focus on the colors. 

Amazing gel pens that work on plastic, coated paper, glass, and more!  These dry matte and 3D!  They never clog and will stand out on dark papers too. 

 These are 12 awesome colored gel pens to get into all those pretty little details.  AND they are also scented! 

My favorite book to unwind...why not pop open a bottle of wine too? 

Here is this gem that started the craze.  This one is also designed and hand drawn by an artist. :)

Adult Coloring Supplies

Below are a few of my absolute favorite things to color with.  We love the company International Arrivals at One Strange Bird.  Although their products are mainly marketed towards children, we think they are great quality for adults too.  (and the price is right!)

Remember these peel away crayons?  I am in love like I am 7 all over again!

This article wouldn't be complete without some good ol' fashioned crayons! 


Happy Coloring!!!! xoxo, Nicole