Au Naturel: Fall Hair Trends

Along with pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin beer, back-to-school shopping and much lauded jacket weather, hairstyles are typically in for a reboot or revamp this time of year. With rich, deep hues and lived-in texture at this season's forefront, it would seem our hair is in for a naturally inspired vibe, heavy on the romance. Whether you decide to add finger waves or finally grow out that LOB, this fall is all about keeping your hair perfectly you. And don't worry, funky colors still have a special place in our heart here at OSB so last season's pastel palette most definitely made our list, again. Though these bright and bold hues were technically a summer trend, we won't tell if you don't!

Tortoise Shell Hair Color

Just as the leaves change color this time of year, it would seem those of us who dye our hair also favor a darker, richer hue - especially as the summer streaks fade out. Dubbed the Tortoise Shell Technique, or for those Francophiles: écaille, this dye method enriches and deepens hair's hue through a mixture of various shades and distinct placement of highlights and lowlights. No matter what the technique is called, we love the look. See you later ombré, we're all about écaille this fall. (Image via Folica)

Silky Sleek Low Slung Pony

After the warmer months wreak havoc on your locks sometimes the best repair is a sleek ponytail. Low slung and clean, this style was made bulky sweaters and heavy jackets - no more hair meets zipper fiascos with this look! Fashion and beauty site, Byrdie, gives a tutorial on how to achieve this simple pony sans flyaways in three minutes. Add a touch of hardware - a barrette or clip - for some added drama and you have the perfect updo that feels more like a down do. (Image via Byrdie)

Mid Length Shag

  Image via  Alexa Chung  

  Image via Alexa Chung 

This hairstyle is so of the moment, we couldn't help but highlight two photos of our favorite fashionistas rocking the answer to 2014's LOB. For those who have been living under a hairball, the long bob was everywhere last year and now, as hair grows longer the mid length look appears to be the next step in the cut's natural progression. The ends hit just at the collarbone, allowing for a universally flattering style. Add a touch of texture and bedhead style - try sea salt spray if you haven't already - and you are set to go. The best part about this subtle shag is a little tousle and muss goes a long way so fear not when fall frizz comes to town. This style behaves best when hair is a tiny touch unkempt.

   Image via  Always Judging

   Image via Always Judging

Statement BOB

Image via  Refinery 29  

Image via Refinery 29 

Though bobs and lobs may be on their way out, for those who do decide to rock the longer bob into the colder months ahead we snagged this showstopper of a cut from the article "The Raddest Fall Haircut Trends From L.A.'s Top Stylists" on Refinery 29. To keep a bob on the fresher side of life add few face-framing pieces to lighten the blunt edges and give a little room for play. Curl with loose finger waves, or blow dry straight, sometimes a little update on a classic style is all you need!

My Little Pony Pastels Continue

Call it a holdover from summer but we cannot give up on the pastel trend just yet. These softer, fadeaway colors bring an unexpected pop of whimsy to your everyday routine and that is what we here at OSB are all about. Whether you opt for a dusky rose or seaweed green, one should be warned: this hair is the epitome of high-maintenance. With the color's short lifespan and special conditioning needs to ward off the dreaded fried ends, be sure to check out The Beauty Department's awesome breakdown on everything pastel. While the days may get shorter, there is no reason your hair cannot stay rainbow bright. (Image via The Beauty Department)

Are there any hair trends you are particularly excited for this season? Let us know in the comments below!