Chicago Style: 5 Fashion Bloggers to Watch

While Los Angeles may be the the epicenter of boho-chic and New York high-fashion's unofficial capital, Chicago's style is no slouch either. With extreme seasons and a melting pot of influences from around the country and beyond, Chicago's streetwear incorporates a number of different looks, vibes and visions. Just check out a few of our city's best style bloggers to get a glimpse at how we dress and what comes next.

1. Chi City Fashion

Jena Gambaccini of Chi City Fashion is the classic girl-next-door with a fashionable twist.  Her featured looks are consistently unique ranging from high-end to vintage and we love her always colorful ensembles. Even on the rare occasion she goes neutral, her choice accessories and stackable rings add a rough around the edges appeal. Highlighting other Chicago industry movers and shakers with her ongoing series: Fashion Friends as well as how-tos on closet cleanup and seasonal styling, Chi City Fashion truly has a fresh, edgy take on Chicago style.

Photo via  Chi City Fashion

2. The Fox & She

Blair Staky knows a thing or two about blogs. As creator and head of The Fox and She, she has cultivated a destination for lifestyle hacks and style tricks. Always traveling, her blog also gives a peek into travel friendly apparel. Combining jet-set looks with casual American sportswear, Stacky's style is approachable yet chic and her shots always showcase stunning views of the city. It is no wonder Stacky and her pet shiba inu, Oliver, stand out among Streeterville's skyscrapers.

Photo via  The Fox & She

Photo via The Fox & She

3. Très Awesome

A perfect collection and who’s who in the Chicago style scene, Trés Awesome is a streetstyle blog jam-packed with outfits, diverse looks and the latest goings on in Chicago’s fashion sphere. Similar in vibe to The Sartorialist and other streetstyle blogs, Trés Awesome is a quick and easy way to scroll through new looks and get inspired for your day’s style adventure. Traveling from Coachella to Pitchfork, Très Awesome's beat may expand beyond city limits but always returns home to Chi for more.

Photo via  Très Awesome

Photo via Très Awesome

4. Sparkles & Sprinkles

With a classy, polished look, Megan from Sparkles & Sprinkles, takes on Chicago with an unflappable, old-world grace. With nary a hair out of place, her looks span from office appropriate to nighttime ready and often evoke a touch of old Hollywood glamour in her understated elegance. With seasonal, mouthwatering recipes, Sparkles & Sprinkles describes the blog perfectly: chock full of shiny and sweet inspirations.

5. The Golden Girl

Fashion Editor of style site The EveryGirl as well as her own blog, The Golden Girl, Jess Keys is living the dream. After quitting her 9-to-5 and writing full-time on all things style, beauty and lifestyle related, Keys is an expert on dressing just-so for any occasion. Her charming looks are borderline preppy with a current, on-trend feel. With unexpected color combinations, attention to detail and a vivacious, infectious smile, Keys always looks like she is having the most fun out of everyone in Chicago's fair city.

Photo via  The Golden Girl

Photo via The Golden Girl

Honorable Mention: Miss Tavi Gevinson

No Chicago blog roll is complete without a nod to teen queen Tavi Gevinson and her now defunct Style Rookie. After bursting onto the scene at 12, she has not stopped since. Her take on 90's style was so on-point and her posts had a teen queen authenticity mixed with an airy Sophie Coppola aesthetic that just, well, sang. Her latest venture Rookie Magazine is geared towards teens and touches on everything from style to music to comics to tech. Either way, this young woman knows a thing or two about personal style and has always remained true to her own unique vision.

Photo via  Style Rookie

Photo via Style Rookie

If we missed any of your favorite style bloggers let us know who to check out in the comments below!