A Big "Hello!" From Two Strange Birds

Welcome to the One Strange Bird blog! A little over a year ago, the lovely artist and educator, Nicole Northway, opened the doors to a new business and a new journey. Ever since August 2011 Nicole, and all those who work with her, have been finding more and more ways to get their community excited about art. One Strange Bird offer a variety of artist made goods and products that we personally endorse and believe in. Each month the gallery offers a chance to meet a new artist and see their work. And, if you come in almost day of the week you will see folks printmaking, sewing, or painting, in one of our many art classes.

We are so excited about our blog! Each week we will post a tutorial, artist interview, an upcoming Chicago event, or something else (you will just have to check back to see what we post next!) We love questions, comments, and any kind of feedback so we can get to know you more.


Until the next post,

Nicole & Jess