Home Decor Remedies for Winter Blues

With the glitz and charm of holiday cheer now just a distant memory from 2015, coupled by freezing temps and light snow flurries, it is only natural to have the January blues creep in. While a trip to warmer climes may be the best remedy for Chicago winter doldrums, revamping your home decor is another fun way to feel inspired and shake off any residual seasonal grumpiness. Check out a few ideas below to help reinvent your mental state with home design this season.

Get Organized

Along the same lines as last week's post on Closet Cleanup, sometimes a quick refresh of home decor can make all the difference. If you find yourself frustrated, scatterbrained, forever in search of your keys, or all three! A quick cleanse will not only get your house looking spiffy and fresh but also help declutter your headspace. Toss the unnecessary and straighten what is left.

Lemon Pop

Image via  Yellow Bliss Road

A pop of color, especially vibrant lemon, will not only brighten a dull room but is sure to lift your spirits too. While subdued and minimal hues have their place on the Pantone color wheel, yellow is sure to be the quick and snappy pick-me-up your mood is in need of! Try tulips or lemons to get your home decor ripe and ready.

Aromatize Your Life

After your sense of sight has been addressed, do not forget the all important sense of smell either. To give your nose an optimistic boost try a bit of aromatherapy. We love these tin candles from Paddywax with their duo scents and tin container, reusable long after the wick has burned down. There is no way to avoid feeling spring's excitement with these floral and herbaceous scents. Check out our online store here for more candle options too!

Get Creative

Image via  @kathrinsmirke

Image via @kathrinsmirke

Another way to get your head in the right frame of mind is - for us creative types at least - to get a little crafty. Whether it is finally putting paint to canvas or paper to pen, get working on that craft or project you set aside during the holiday crunch. There is no better feeling than accomplishment and tapping into your inspired side, especially when it comes to home decor projects. Stuck inside over the weekend with chilly temperatures and freezing rain? No problem when there is a task - albeit, a fun one we hope! - in need of completion.

Make a Plan

Image via  @marissaaross

Image via @marissaaross

Similar to step one, an organized desk and planner will get you ready for the year ahead. A desk calendar or even one mapped on your fridge will not only keep you steering towards your 2016 goals and resolutions but can also add a utilitarian feel to your household. Awe guests with your full schedule or take pride in never missing an appointment. Either way, with a glass of wine to help get your ducks in a row, all at-home offices need an organized calendar at their helm!

Embrace It

Image via  @prettylittlefawn

And if worse comes to worse, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a knee and letting your cold weather grumpiness run full force. No better a time to wrap up in a wool sweater, grab some tea or coffee and get under the covers. Seriously, no shame in sleeping in, watching a Netflix or two and being a bit grouchy. It is nature's cycle after all!

Stay warm and 'til next time!


Tips to Winterize Home Decor

Whelp, it is most certainly winter. A bitter chill in the air paired with the season's signature overcast skies may have your commute to and from work all the more dreary but have no fear, a few quick and easy tips to winterize your home will make those lazy days spent indoors all the more comfy. 

Consider Your Palette

Image via  @e.r.i.k.a.m.a.y

One way to make your interior more winter-friendly is to consider the palette. Though most tend to run for rustic brown and orange hues to warm up inside decor, we love a twist on the traditional. Try crisp grey and blue tones to give your home a minimal edge. Just be sure to add swaths of fur or a houseplant for a pop of color and texture.

Natural Accents

Image via  @paddywaxcandles

Nothing quite says winter/holiday decor more than dried pinecones, dried acorns or the the occasional wreath. Less upkeep than summer's bouquets, gather a few natural accents i.e  cattails, birch clippings or even a Christmas cactus to bring a touch of the outdoors in.

Plush It Up

Image via  @zgallerie

Image via @zgallerie

The true way to be cozy this time of year is the perfect throw blanket. Strategically placed over the arm of a couch or tossed on the end of your bed, winter is all about the wrap up. Try a faux fur option to feel decadent or a simple plush coverup for those who prefer to be a touch more understated. Either way, no one will complain about an extra layer. That is for certain!

Burn Baby, Burn

Image via  @jaysonhome

Image via @jaysonhome

For those lucky enough to have a working fireplace - whether wood-burning or gas - a bundle of firewood evokes earlier times and an old school cool. We love the idea of tying together a few bundles with thick twine and laying them near the fireplace or front entryway to give a little extra rustic charm to any home. Bonus points for the luscious, mustard leather chair...

Stock the Bar

Image via  @kovaldistillery

With all this time spent indoors, one area in need of a little extra attention may be the bar cart. Having a few additional goodies- antique glassware or that special bourbon splurge - will only make a holiday movie marathon all the more inviting. 

OSB's Home/Holiday Decor

Not only is it fun to winterize your home but decor items like ornaments, stringed lights and candles make the perfect stocking stuffer or host gift. Check out OSB's website and shop for cute winter-friendly gift ideas. And don't forget to treat yourself too!

Antler Ornament

'Til next time!


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