Whoa Mama! A Handmade Envelope Tutorial For Mother's Day

IMG_9278Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday! This handmade envelope tutorial is perfect for your long letter to your mom telling her how much you love her. These envelopes are easy to make and can be as simple or decorative as you like. So grab your washi tape and modge podge and get ready to make a gift your mama will adore!



Materials Needed: -Envelope template or old envelope -Paper -Pencil -Scissors or an x-acto knife -Glue or modge podge -An old paint brush

Decorative Add Ons: -Washi tape -Colorful string (I love Divine Twine) -Craft scissors


1. First you will want to decide on an envelope color scheme. You will have the outside of the envelope and then can choose to add a decorative liner on the inside and fun accents on the outside.


2. Next you will need an envelope template or an old envelope that you can take apart. There is a huge variety of templates online to choose from, but you can also just measure a envelope you already have or take one apart or lay it flat as a template.

IMG_9237 IMG_9238

3. Trace your template on to the paper you have chosen for your envelope and then cut it out. Fold the sides of the envelope with a ruler or a bone folder if you have one.


IMG_9253 IMG_9257

4. If you would like to add a liner to your envelope you can trace your template onto an accent paper. If you only want to cover the top flap and the inside of the envelope, you can cut the three sides you are not using off your template and then trace it on to the paper. Once you have cut your liner, apply modge podge to the inside of the area with a brush and then burnish the area with your hand or a bone folder. Attach the sides together with a little bit of modge podge.


5. Add as much cuteness as possible (or as much as your mom would appreciate!) I used washi tape because it is easy to use and looks very polished, even if you are not a pro-crafter.


All you have to do now is find a cute card or create one yourself! We think your mom will love these sweet little envelopes.

April Showers Bring...

May Flowers, Of Course!


My garden has been loving the rain from April, but the flowers really begin to show their colors this week with all the sunshine we have been had in Chicago. At One Strange Bird the windows at our new location our filled with sun and it has been  absolutely great! In honor of May Day I've picked out a few of out our favorite floral items to showcase. These are perfect for a garden party or a bare foot dance around the Maypole.


It is all too easy to get absolutely obsessed with all the perfumes and lotions by Royal Apothic. With great scents and delightful packaging these items make a great gift set. My current favorite is Cutting Garden, it smells like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

20130501_110349Courtney Fischer earrings basking in the sunlight, perfect for dressing up your summer white dress!


Vintage inspired Lady Bird necklaces displayed on a bird cage.


20130501_105357Mini mum studs and rosy flower bobby pin sets also by Lady Bird.

20130501_115355Bright floral slip details on Elycia Camille's Garden Party Mug and small dishes, perfect for displaying your favorite trinkets!

Get outside and take a walk or ride over to 2124 W. Division and visit us today to see all of our Spring inspired goods!

Until next post, Jess