Best Bath Tips

Who doesn't love a good bath every now and again? With a few handy tips and tricks of the trade, your best bath is only a few extra steps away. Try some of our favorite Bonnie skincare products - available online or in the shop -  for a truly indulgent, diva-worthy bathtime. And who knows, your next Instagram photo shoot might just be around the corner! Read on for a few key ways to make your next bathtime experience an at-home spa treatment you'll crave long after the bathwater has run cold.

Atmosphere is Everything

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First and foremost, a clean tub and bathroom creates the calming ambiance every bathtaker seeks. No matter if you only have time for a quick wipedown or a deep cleanse the day before, try to rid your bathroom of any unwanted clutter and product. Shut off your phone and brew some tea. Grab your robe and play some calming music. It's your bath and your time so be a little selfish and make the space all about you!

The Water is Fine

Image via  @glossier

Image via @glossier

Aside from having a clean tub, a key aspect to any enjoyable bathtime is to make sure the water has been prepped. We have already touted the benefits of adding chamomile to your bathwater in our 2015 Dry Skin Survival Guide as well the benefits of lotion but another way to bump up skin's moisture is with specialized bath salts or bath tea. Replenishing and extra soothing with scents of dried lavender or rosemary and mint, your skin and mind will thank us!

A Candle is Always Necessary

Image via  @wildatheart

Image via @wildatheart

When the water is ready, don't forget to light a candle and dim the lights. Bonnie makes a few different scents but the lavender and vanilla option just seems right for an indulgent soak. If lavender is not your favorite, do not forget to check out our candle section for other aromas!

(And, as with any time fire is involved, safety first!)

At-Home Spa Treatments

We know you're busy - we are too! - so when taking time out of your hectic schedule for a bath, pampering is a must. Next time you take the plunge, why not try a rejuvenating facemask like the mugwort and honey option we offer or apply the perfect post-bath serum to maintain the silky soft feeling of hydrated skin after you emerge from the water. Regardless of your daily skincare routine, a little extra attention now and again goes a long way. It's still only January after all and everyone's skin could use a little reboot!

Towel It Up

Image via  @awildatheart

Image via @awildatheart

Last but not least, the absolutely necessary last step to a successful bath is the towel. We here at OSB are big fans of oversized, 100% cotton options. Emulate your favorite spa or hotel stay with a plush white cloth used specifically for bathtime or grab a more inspired, vibrant print. Either way, when you wrap yourself up in a luxurious towel and robe, blow out the candle and tuck in for the night, we hope it will be safe to say you achieved a little piece of bathtime zen!

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Rub-a-dub-dub! 'Til next time.