2015's Dry Skin Survival Guide

No matter your skin type, whether oily or atopic, sensitive or normal, winter weather can wreak havoc on your complexion. From the dry, hot air created by spewing radiators or the wind-whipped chill outside, dry, flaky patches - murr... - are bound to happen but luckily, we here at OSB are all about skincare and DIY prevention. Here is our 2015 roundup of winter dry skin tips.

Image via  @bonnielipbalm

Image via @bonnielipbalm

Chapped Lips + Cucumber Remedy

Image via  BLDG 25

Image via BLDG 25

Lips are most sensitive this time of year. With the constant change from hot to cold, lips are incredibly susceptible to the winter dry-out. For added hydration, cut a few slices off the end of a cucumber and place on your lips for twenty minutes to soak up the cooling, calming goodness. Toss a slice over each eye for additional soothing effects and dream the chilly, cold season away.

Homemade Cuticle Butter

One painful yet often overlooked winter ailment is cracked cuticles. Though your digits may be bundled up in wool gloves for most of Chicago's cooler months, the biting chill in the air is sure to make nail care - and the skin around your no-chip manicure - all the more important. Be sure to grab a hand salve or make an at-home cuticle butter á la One Good Thing by Jillee to calm those pesky cuticle tears.

Chamomile Tea Bath

Image via  A Delightful Home

As a lifetime eczema sufferer, relief from the itch has been hard to come by, especially when the weather changes and dry skin becomes all the more prevalent. One way I personally have found relief is with chamomile tea baths. Just take five chamomile tea packets, boil two teapots worth of tea, toss in a full bath and voila, you have an inexpensive at-home remedy which not only calms unhappy, itchy skin but is also the perfect pre-bedtime activity. This recipe from A Delightful Home also utilizes rose petals but I always recommend a spot test first, especially with sensitive skin. Not everything works for everyone unfortunately!

Dry Scalp

Image via  The Everygirl

Image via The Everygirl

One of our favorite sites for beauty go-tos, The Everygirl, breaks down everything you need to know on how to handle dry scalp. Scalp massages and eliminating parabens from your shampoo and conditioner are no-brainers - pun intended! - but the section on solving the problem from the inside out is also super beneficial. These dietary mentions i.e. drinking more water and adding fatty acids to your daily routine is sure to help alleviate skin ailments as well.

OSB's Winter Skin Savers from Bonnie!

Nourishing Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

This shiny lip gloss - in Antique Rose - is just the ticket to nourish chapped lips without leaving a sticky coating. We love the rich hue and soft, hydrated lips this lipstick creates with one quick swipe.

A few additional quickie tips:

1. Stay hydrated - water is key to hydration and happy skin.

2. Get enough sleep! Who doesn't need an excuse to stay in bed longer?

3. Pay attention to the fabrics in your sweaters. Some are more sensitive to wool and cashmere than others or unnatural fabrics may be giving your skin the mean reds so pay attention to labels if you start to have an unexplainable reaction.

4. Use fragrance free soaps and laundry detergent to cut down on any unwanted sensitivity.

5. Chill out - stress, whether holiday or work induced always takes skin on a roller coaster so yoga, mediation and stress-free activities are a must!


We are huge fans of Bonnie Superbalm to help with dry skin needs. A local Chi-town product, this salve is jam-packed with nutrients and calming benefits to help take the itch and flake out of winter. Try all three types: Tangerine Lavender, Cashmere Sweater and Original to see which superbalm works best for you!

Image via  @bonnielipbalm

Image via @bonnielipbalm

'Til next time!


Aromatize This!

While yesterday may have been the Autumnal Equinox and officially the first day of fall, we all know what that means: the days of open windows and clear nights are most certainly numbered. Or who knows, maybe this fall will be unlike the typical Chicago season and linger around the seventies on through October. Regardless, we here at OSB like to be prepared so when those windows do come down, be sure to keep your home smelling fresh and cozy with these quick tips!

Keep That Candle Burning Bright

Gardenia + Tuberose 

Fig + Cardamon

Blood Orange + Citrus

Pick your pleasure with these delicately scented candles. Though the garden blooms are long since past, floral, earthy or citrus accents add a welcoming and calming touch to any room. If you are more of the DIY type OSB offers a mason jar candle making class as well! Sign up here.

Image via  @onestrangebird

Image via @onestrangebird

An Herbal Cleanse

Image via  BLDG 25

Image via BLDG 25

For those outside the know, a smudge or smudging ceremony is a great way to reset the spiritual energy of a home. Just grab a smudge stick - sold at OSB's brick & mortar location - a ceramic bowl and glass of water just in case those embers get out of hand. Light the wand and then blow it out as you would with incense. Carry the stick and ceramic dish - all the better to catch the embers with darling - as you make a pass through each room. The trailing smoke is said to cleanse each room's energy as well as reinvigorate the spiritual space. If interested in a more involved smudge stick instruction check out this how-to by BLDG 25.

P.S. If the spiritual aspect is not quite up your alley, the smudge stick - a wand typically comprised of white sage - also leaves a light, herbaceous scent throughout your household.

Über calming to say the least. 

Image via  @the.fox.den

Image via @the.fox.den


Image via  @prettylittlefawn

Soap, salts and suds are most definitely a way to up your bath time, especially if you pay attention to the scents and aromas you are adding. If on the hunt for an invigorating bath try Bonnie Rosemary + Mint bath salts or if a more soothing experience is required Paddywax's Peony + Clover or Lilac + Moss soaps are sure to do the trick. Just dim the lights, add a candle and let the aromas you choose get to work!

DIY Home Fragrance

Image via  The Yummy Life

Image via The Yummy Life

If you are in search of a homemade air freshener or alternative to a candle or smudge stick, these DIY room scents, featured on The Yummy Life, are a quick way to aromatize your home. All you need are a handful of ingredients - this depends on how complex and in-depth you hope the scent to be - a stovetop, crock pot, and water. Just toss the herbs and spices into a pot, add water, bring to a boil, then simmer. Seriously, I have tried this with a single cinnamon stick and my kitchen, living room and entryway had a Big Red kind of verve after a few hours so be warned, the longer you simmer, the bolder the scent!

Happy aromatizing everyone!