4 Chicago Style and Beauty Bloggers We Love

We love Chicago and we are obsessed with all things style and beauty.  Checkout our favorite Chicago Style Bloggers Part 2!  See our first post written by Kit Hamlin here. 

Style Plus Curves

We Love Amber from Style Plus Curves.  I first met her at a fashion event at Macy's when we were doing a DIY Table and was blown away with her kindness.  She also modeled for our very first wholesale catalog. Her style is always unique and inspiring. Check out her blog and Instagram page for adorable styled looks!


Glossed and Found is a Chicago Staple.  I had the honor of meeting Graham a couple of years back on small business Saturday at the shop. He is kind and creative and his blog reflects that! Check out G and F for unique spins on a variety of subjects.  Their photographs, subject matter and writing is super unique and brings a fresh voice to the blog world.


Laurie and her adorable dog Betty are so kind!  I meet Laurie because she is friends with one of my favorite designers, Michelle Starbuck! Check out Laurie's blog to learn about beauty tips and tricks and the latest and greatest products out there.  Here photographs are gorgeous and she has a very focused style and voice. 

Johanna is a super fashionable, working mom of two. Seriously, I DO NOT know how she does it!  Her blog is full of beautifully composed photographs in fun, bold places in the city.  Follow along for a great mix of color, beauty, and style. 

Shop Alert: Product Highlights

Though spring has yet to sprung, we here at OSB are ready. The shop is looking extra flush with new products and loads of cute gifts options and stylish accessories. Who doesn't deserve a special treat after all? And with a our online store brimming with items, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to check out all the new goodies. Happy browsing!

Witchy Gems

It's no surprise gemstones, rose quartz and druzy ear studs are at the top of our list when it comes to sparkling accessories. These pieces combine earth mother tendencies with a touch of glam and, if we say so ourselves, make for a show-stopping statement look. Layer on the rocks or pick one bold piece. Either way, channeling your inner mystic never looked so good!

With multiple stones and hues to choose from, we dare you not to collect all the druzy sets!

With a touch of blue, this sleek and sophisticated stone pendant is sure to amp up the drama when paired with any outfit. Add an edgy touch to a chunky knit or layer atop a trapeze dress and denim jacket to preview this year's music festival style.

Stick 'em Up!

Jazz up your school supplies or work notebooks with some perfectly springy stickers. Oh-so twee, we can't help but use these everywhere, seriously!

Burn Baby Burn

Who doesn't love a new candle? Though the season generally calls for fresh florals, this time around we decided to feature some muskier, richer scents - it is still February after all. Amber and smoke lay a warm and comforting vibe throughout any home while we adore the sea salt and sage combo: the quickest way to feel like you are in southern France, on the shore in a striped boatneck top and black capris. Plans for Spring Break anyone?!

A Hair Do!

These cute headband shortcuts come in three colors and we can't help but drool over the different ways to style hair with them. Topknot your mane and toss one of these on to hold back bangs or go for a sweeter princess style with a half pony and loose tendrils. No matter what, there is sure to be several videos and how-tos on Pinterest to help navigate which way to rock the twist scarf headband.

Starry Knee-Highs

After months of wearing big boots, heavy wool socks and getting feet down and dirty with the winter blues, a new pair of socks is just the ticket to feeling fresh and lively again. We have added quite a few fun and funky pairs but shoot for the stars with these constellation knee-highs.


If you have taken to the coloring book craze like we have - you know you want to! - then you know a special tote or carrier for your colored pencil and supplies is a necessity. Grab a large accessory bag like this one with the Eiffel Tower across the front to feel artsy yet organized and keep all your coloring tools in tip-top shape. Not into the coloring trend? A tote is a tote and who doesn't need another bag to carry all the day's necessities around in?!

Brick and Mortar at 2124 W. Division

Though online shopping in pajamas is hard to beat - maybe with a mimosa on your bedstand too! - don't forget to check out One Strange Bird's brick and mortar location. With additional products to peruse, Alliance Bakery down the street and Wixter Market next door, an official shopping day might be just what the doctor ordered.

'Til next time!


Valentine's Day Makeup

We here at OSB love any excuse to shake things up a bit with our daily look. So even if the word V-day gives you the chills, why not embrace a little of Cupid's spirit with your makeup? Whether you and your honey are off to a romantic dinner for two, or your best girls are holding a seance to excise your exes over wine and cupcakes, or better yet, if Sunday the 14th is just another Sunday, our list of Valentine's Day makeup looks (with a few hair tips thrown in there too!) is sure to have at least one option for everybody.

Pinks and Blues

Image via  @inthefrow

Image via @inthefrow

While Valentine's Day is usually all about sultry reds and rich, dark pigment, this fresh-faced look is a fun twist on the classic cat-eye. A pared down face highlights the blue eyeliner and mascara, putting all the focus on a favored asset: the eyes, and pale pink lips are sure to stay put even after you mow down on a red velvet cupcake for dessert!

Soft Barrel Curls and Finger Waves

Image via  @jordanheidenwith

If headed out into the night to see what Cupid has in store, may we suggest pretty barrel curls to give your mane an undone polish. Use a curling iron for more stubborn hair or just wrap sections around your fingers as you blow dry for a more lived-in look, this quickie style holds all through the night with a dash of hairspray but gives your locks - no matter if above the shoulder to below the collarbone - a finished look with only a smidge more effort on your part. We love that!

Red Lips and Messy Chignons

Image via  @jeannedamas

Image via @jeannedamas

For the most classic V-day style, a heavy red lip with a pulled back chignon is ever so festive but still pretty and refined. A strong bold lip is the perfect punctuation to any outfit as long as you make sure not to clash your reds together. Pull a few loose hairs from your low-slung bun to give this put-together look a relaxed edge and get out there. But don't say we did not warn you: this look is sure to attract an admirer or two when used correctly!

Top Knot with a Magenta Lip

For a no frills girls' night movie date, may we suggest a clean top knot and bold statement lip to add some fire to your evening. With a simple, carefree vibe, give face with hair pulled back in a sleek bun. A vivid berry lip adds a playful edge to this style and also dresses up a white t-shirt if dressing down for your Valentine's Day evening.

Bedhead Fringe

Image via  @awildatheart

Image via @awildatheart

We have said it before and will say it again, bedhead hair is not only easy to achieve but exudes confidence with a touch of rocker sex appeal. Regardless of your plans, a tousled mane - in our opinion - is quite possibly the best hairstyle for any occasion but definitely when old Cupid is running around working his magic. Whether your opt for authentic bedhead and manage second day hair or if you add a spritz of sea salt spray to add texture, these locks atop a frilly dress, sweatpants or jeans and red sweater stitched with hearts looks just right.

Thick, Neon Blue Eyeliner

Image via  @stilacosmetics

Image via @stilacosmetics

Add a quirky punch to your holiday by eschewing the traditional reds and pinks to opt for a bolder, brighter hue: why not blue? This thick eyeliner again highlights the eyes but is also a fun look no matter what the evening's plan entails. Teal and cobalt are sure wow and set you apart from the rest of the Valentine's Day crowds.

Barefaced Beauty

Image via  @inthefrow

Image via @inthefrow

Quite possibly our favorite V-Day look, if staying in - or even going out - a bare face never felt more right. Low key and comfortable, some BB cream for moisture and chapstick to keep lips oh-so-supple - we are in Chicago after all and chapped lip season is still upon us - a pure, fresh face is all you need for a relaxing night in.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! (Even if yours is a book and a slice of pizza.)


Best Bath Tips

Who doesn't love a good bath every now and again? With a few handy tips and tricks of the trade, your best bath is only a few extra steps away. Try some of our favorite Bonnie skincare products - available online or in the shop -  for a truly indulgent, diva-worthy bathtime. And who knows, your next Instagram photo shoot might just be around the corner! Read on for a few key ways to make your next bathtime experience an at-home spa treatment you'll crave long after the bathwater has run cold.

Atmosphere is Everything

Image via  @prettylittlefawn

First and foremost, a clean tub and bathroom creates the calming ambiance every bathtaker seeks. No matter if you only have time for a quick wipedown or a deep cleanse the day before, try to rid your bathroom of any unwanted clutter and product. Shut off your phone and brew some tea. Grab your robe and play some calming music. It's your bath and your time so be a little selfish and make the space all about you!

The Water is Fine

Image via  @glossier

Image via @glossier

Aside from having a clean tub, a key aspect to any enjoyable bathtime is to make sure the water has been prepped. We have already touted the benefits of adding chamomile to your bathwater in our 2015 Dry Skin Survival Guide as well the benefits of lotion but another way to bump up skin's moisture is with specialized bath salts or bath tea. Replenishing and extra soothing with scents of dried lavender or rosemary and mint, your skin and mind will thank us!

A Candle is Always Necessary

Image via  @wildatheart

Image via @wildatheart

When the water is ready, don't forget to light a candle and dim the lights. Bonnie makes a few different scents but the lavender and vanilla option just seems right for an indulgent soak. If lavender is not your favorite, do not forget to check out our candle section for other aromas!

(And, as with any time fire is involved, safety first!)

At-Home Spa Treatments

We know you're busy - we are too! - so when taking time out of your hectic schedule for a bath, pampering is a must. Next time you take the plunge, why not try a rejuvenating facemask like the mugwort and honey option we offer or apply the perfect post-bath serum to maintain the silky soft feeling of hydrated skin after you emerge from the water. Regardless of your daily skincare routine, a little extra attention now and again goes a long way. It's still only January after all and everyone's skin could use a little reboot!

Towel It Up

Image via  @awildatheart

Image via @awildatheart

Last but not least, the absolutely necessary last step to a successful bath is the towel. We here at OSB are big fans of oversized, 100% cotton options. Emulate your favorite spa or hotel stay with a plush white cloth used specifically for bathtime or grab a more inspired, vibrant print. Either way, when you wrap yourself up in a luxurious towel and robe, blow out the candle and tuck in for the night, we hope it will be safe to say you achieved a little piece of bathtime zen!

Image via  @prettylittlefawn

Rub-a-dub-dub! 'Til next time.