2016 Style Resolutions

Not all New Year's resolutions have to be serious and centered on improvement. While we are all for getting healthier and taking better care of our bodies, why not add a fun resolution into the mix as well? Go for the chop you have waffled on in the past or mix up your daily uniform. Either way, a few style resolutions never hurt anyone and are way more fun to execute than cutting out carbs or cake. Did someone say cake??? Check out a few of our favorite ways to ring in 2016 with a new look, style or vibe.

Switch Up Your Signature Hue

Image via  @dethrosevintage  / Instagram

Image via @dethrosevintage / Instagram

Most of us have a daily uniform or have fallen into the typical Chicago winter black hole. You know what I am talking about: cold weather begs for jeans, wool socks, boots, heavy duty black coats and a sweater but do not fall prey to winter fashion doldrums. Bust out of your norm and try a new hue or ice blue accent to give your style a jolt. Trust us, a little color goes a long way.

Go For the Chop

Image via  @darlingcoif  / Instagram

Image via @darlingcoif / Instagram

Nothing quite says reinvention like a drastic hair cut. If you have gone back and forth on the matter, there is no better time than 2016 to finally go for it! Hair always grows back and cute bobs never go out of style. If you are still on the fence, why not try blunt bangs or a splash of balayage or highlights to mix up the color? Either way, a day at the hair salon is most certainly a New Year's resolution we can get behind.

Skincare 101

Image via  @glossier  / Instagram

Image via @glossier / Instagram

Another simple yet oh-so effective resolution is to focus on one of your most vital and important organs: your skin. Make this year the year you invest in your skin health and you won't be disappointed. Try a facial if you have not before or test out a few new face creams at home. This focus on something so utterly you is not only beneficial to how you look but also how you feel. Trust us, a few extra moments a day spent channeling your inner diva princess can do wonders on how you feel on the inside out.

Sleep Tight

Image via  @thelinenyc  / Instagram

Image via @thelinenyc / Instagram

We all could use more sleep these days so why not give yourself the excuse to hit the snooze button and stay under the covers just a bit longer on lazy day Sundays? More sleep not only feeds into the whole self-care argument - see above - but also helps to give you more energy throughout the day. Keep your phone turned on silent while you get much-needed zzzz's and make sure you stop use of all electronics at least 30 minutes before you plan to hit the sheets. Try blackout curtains or buy a new sheet set to really step up your commitment to 2016's year of rest.

Additional Accessories

Image via  @alwaysjudging  / Instagram

Image via @alwaysjudging / Instagram

One quick and easy way to revamp your style is with accessories. Last year was most certainly bejeweled and laden with rings, bangles and headwear but getting into the game now is still acceptable in our book. Go thrifting or stop by OSB's brick and mortar shop to check out their latest wares. A new necklace or set of stackers can have a huge impact on your ensemble without quite the same hit on your wallet as a whole new wardrobe.

Be Inspired

Image via  @kathrinsmirke  / Instagram

Image via @kathrinsmirke / Instagram

Us here at OSB find inspired living to be the holy grail of a happy life. Whether you find this elusive yet magical feeling through how you express yourself style-wise, artistically or whichever avenue speaks to you, a daily affirmation to be inspired and see the world through a new lens is a 2016 resolution we hope everyone can get behind. Read new books, create daily and wear that old vintage dress you borrowed from your mother and still have not returned. Either way, push yourself to be vibrant!

Embrace You

Image via  @_gabrielflores  / Instagram

Image via @_gabrielflores / Instagram

And probably, most importantly, why not make 2016 the year of you? We all have resolutions and hopes for new beginnings at the start of January, so instead of adding pressure, just do you. Try on new clothes, hit the gym, bake bread or just watch that series on Netflix you have been meaning to sink your teeth into. New beginnings don't always have to mean overhauls. Just stay true to that inner voice and we are sure 2016 will be a success. And if that inner voice tells you to paint your nails olive, go for it!!!

And don't worry if you can't live up to each and every resolution. They were made to be broken anyways!

'Til next time!