How to Tuesday: Mother Day DIY: Ring Dishes

DIY ring dish

Hello!  I thought it would be cute to do a DIY for a Mother's Day gift!  This project is easy, simple, and family friendly.  It is cheap and non toxic! You should be able to get model magic from any craft store, art store, or even Target. Have fun!


 All you need is:

model magic, markers, stamps, paint 

Step One: Divide your model magic into equal portions.  I like smaller dishes, so I made six pieces.  Roll into balls in the palm of your hand. Begin your dish by pushing a thumbprint into the middle.  Push down and pull outward with equal pressure while turning your dish in a circle.  The more even your pressure, the more even your dish will be.  

Step Two: Once you have your dish, you can think about decorating it!  For the marble effect: add a drop of paint into your thumbprint and pull it back and forth until reach your desired effect.  (You might want to wear gloves if you want to protect your hands.)  For a Pattern:  Use a sharpie and gently draw a shape.  For a stamp:  Press firmly into your finished dish to create a cool impression with a rubber stamp. 

DIY Ring dish

Step Three: Allow to air dry for 24 hours and then enjoy!