Day of the Dead Mask Tutorial and Art Kit!

Check out our adorable new art kit!  This Day of the Dead mask is easy to make and super cute to wear.  This kit includes what is below.  Use your acrylic paints and  brushes for many other projects.   You can buy the kit on Etsy here! In this kit:

paint brush set, acrylic basics set, flowers, paper mask, cute mask stick, glitter glue!


Step One: Sketch out your Day of the Dead design with pencil.  I have added a half moon at the bottom of the eye area to make the eye shape more "skull like".  I then added petals around the eyes. For the nose, I created a rounded triangle shape following the curve of the mask.  Next, I added dots under the eyes, a diamond above the nose, and an upside down heart shape. I gave the mask eyebrows just above the eyes and added a spiral shape at the end.


Step Two: I painted the eye and the nose black


Step Three: I add a little white to the blue to fill in the flowers with a small brush.  I then added a touch of black for the eyebrows.  I painted the heart and some of the dots red.


Step Four: I added pink and red festive dots around the eyes and nose with the small, round paint brush.


Step Five: I added more dots with the glitter glue! I also used hot glue to glue the flowers on the front and the stick on the back!


Step Six: Wear it proudly!


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