Artist Interview: Simon Gallo

Today we're continuing our series of One Strange Bird staff interviews in anticipation for our upcoming show "We're All In This Together." This exhibition will highlight all of the amazing artwork done by our creative staff at One Strange Bird. The show's opening reception will be this Saturday, August 3rd, from 6:00-9:00. By day, Simon Gallo is an awesome Chicago Public School art teacher, by night (or, whenever he isn't teaching), he's a badass printmaker. One look at Simon's art will give you an insight to how fun and imaginative he is. Whether he is teaching adults about painting or showing kids how to make comics in summer camp, Simon loves to get people interested in new ways of making art. Joining Simon for any one of the classes he teaches or even asking him for help in the store will be sure to leave you with a smile on your face.


What is your name?

Simon Gallo

What’s your favorite color?

Pistachio or Mustard

 What’s your current studio jam?

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood and “Sacrilege” by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Who’s art are you digging lately?

Ryan Heshka, Low Bros, and Nychos

What’s on your summer reading list?

Currently I’m reading Boneshaker which is deemed “a steampunk-zombie-airship adventure…”  I’m also looking forward to Wildwood, which is written by the lead singer of The Decembrists and Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card.

What’s your favorite place in Chicago?

Chicago Comics or Emporium, but I love to explore and check out new places.

What’s your hidden talent?

There’s a reason they call it a hidden talent…

What’s your favorite YouTube video?

Beats on the Streets” with Edison and the Taylor Mali video “What Teachers Make

What is your favorite class to teach and/or what class would you like to take?

I love teaching anything print related specifically screen printing.


Okay, let’s get serious… 

What’s your role at One Strange Bird?

I am a teaching artist and a sales associate.  I teach workshops, classes, and parties in 2D art (painting, drawing, printmaking) to students of all ages and I work retail.


How would you describe your artwork?

My work is a manifestation of my still active and child-like imagination.  It is a visual escapade that finds its place in the nonsensical and the amusing, what I refer to as mental adventure.

How does your art relate to your work at One Strange Bird and vice versa?

My work at OSB is all about opening people up and helping them to find enjoyment in making art, which is what my work is all about, visual pleasure.

What type of art do you want to try?


 What publication do you see yourself in a few years from now?

Juxtapoz or Hi Fructose, either one would be mind blowing.


See more of Simon Gallo's artwork at the opening reception for "We're All In This Together" or join him for a class at One Strange Bird.

For more info about "We're All In This Together" click here.