Kids Summer Camps Have Started!

Our Kids Summer Camps are SO fun! Every day camp goers get to learn new techniques from some of Chicago's most talented teaching artists. Little ones have fun creating engaging artworks while learning serious art skills such as color theory, sculpture, figure drawing, and more! Our camps are divided into morning and afternoon themes such as Kooky Collage, Amazing Animals, and Modern Masters and change every week. Check out our photos below to get a glimpse of all the exciting activities that are happening at One Strange Bird's Summer Camps!



Tie-dye in the summer sun!

DSCN0018Making melted crayon art for Father's Day

DSCN0094Wacky MadLib inspired collages and stories



Amazing animal paintings!


Multi-layered collage


Embroidered and beaded drawings


Giant flowers made out of duct tape to top a pen


The last page from full length comic book!

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