What We Did This Weekend: The Chiditarod

Sometimes Chicagoans long for a forest to walk through, a mountain to climb, or a patch of wildflowers (not the ones planted in an organized row by city workers), but this weekend produced a definite feeling of  "I love the city!" _JessicaEgan_161942

There is something that other cities need to know about about Chicago; we're pretty weird. We aren't quite Portlandia weird, but we do have a Shit Fountain and for a while there was a giant eyeball downtown. Case in point: The Chiditarod.

According to their website, the Chiditarod is "Chicago's Epic Urban Iditarod. A charity food drive, beauty pageant, costumed shopping cart race, talent show, fundraiser and chaos generator all in one. And probably the world's largest mobile food drive, benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository."

It other words, it is awesome!


I happened to be driving home on Saturday and as I approached Chicago and Noble I noticed a higher than usual amount of people dressed in costumes and pulling shopping carts (a lot higher... actually.) I had heard of this event before, but never seen it in person, so I had to pull over and check it out.

Everyone was happy to chat about their day and their costumes. Carts had been converted into everything from a birthday cake to giant stoner Mr. Potato Head (Mr. POTato Head?) Their riders and pullers (or "mushers) were dressed to match. On the unseasonably warm day (35 degrees in March) everyone was happy to be out having fun and supporting a good cause.


It may be a year away, but mark your calendars now, the Chitarod is a must see event in Chicago! Maybe next year you'll even see a group dressed as a bunch of crazy birds...

Until next post!